Charlton Paintball Fields

We have 10 Fields and play 15 games each day.
Our current games are shown below.

Capture The Flag
Pure and simple get your team to the flag and back to your base. Only thing you have
to watch out for is the paintball mines scattered around the field.

The Den
A small and scary field, protect your base from attack but its dark and scary underground

Similar to The Den, except your now in open ground, only the natural landscape and trees
to protect you from incoming enemys.

The Tower
Six storeys to conquer can you get your team to the top or stop the team getting up.
No team has ever made it to the top yet!

The Castle
Just like in medievel times, protect the castle and stop the enemy any way you can.

Back Alley
Should be called ambush, a small tight area, no where to hide will you survive the ambush.

A network of passages and cells inside our massive fortress, its dark and dingy use the
shadows to keep hidden. Only enter if you dare!

Left over from a city build, use them to help progress to the enemy hideout.

Real house, two storeys, find the enemys and claim the flag.

Chopper Down
The pilots are down, protect them and help them out of the no fly zone.

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